Item type glossary

Item type glossary

Maintaining a consistent and standardised list of terms to describe your collection items will aid you and external researchers in discovering your records. In filling out the Item Type field in Victorian Collections, you will need to choose from the list below.

A downloadable print-friendly version of this glossary is linked at the bottom of the page.

Artwork, other
CurrencyLegal recordPlaque
Decorative objectLeisure objectPostcard
Administrative record
Domestic objectLetterPoster
Literary work
Animal specimenDrawingMachineProgramme
ArchiveEducation kitMagazineSculpture
BookFinancial recordMixed mediaTool
Ceremonial objectFunctional objectNewsletterWork on paper
ClothingGeological specimenPainting
ContainerHonour boardPhotograph
CraftJournalPlant specimen

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