Updated Helpdesk URL

Updated Helpdesk URL

In recent months, our Helpdesk provider Zoho have begun transitioning across to a simplified domain URL format for their help centres. 

The Victorian Collections Helpdesk can now be found at victoriancollectionshelp.zohodesk.com

The VC team will be working across the coming weeks to update the links to the VC Helpdesk across all websites and material, including the main help button from the CMS. 

The migration to the new domain format is scheduled to conclude on 30 September 2022. For a short time, anyone entering or clicking links using the previous VC Helpdesk URL will be automatically redirected to the new webpage.

This update should not have any direct impact on our VC community, however if you have bookmarked the VC Helpdesk, we recommend updating your bookmarks with the new address.