The new VC Cataloguing Manual has arrived!

The new VC Cataloguing Manual has arrived!

We're pleased to announce that the comprehensive Victorian Collections User Manual is now available!

We're providing you with a few options so that your copy of the Manual is best suited to the collection you manage:
  • If you have a mixed collection, with objects, artworks, publications and archival items, we recommend downloading the full version of the User Manual.
  • If your collection solely features objects, artworks, publications or archival items, you can download the version of the User Manual most relevant to you

All versions document the catalogue in full, and include further information about managing your records and utilising new CMS features. Both the full and and all segmented versions of the User Manual can be accessed and downloaded here

If you require an accessible version of the User Manual, please send a request to the VC team by submitting a Helpdesk ticket.

Happy cataloguing!
The VC Team