CMS updates: Changes to Party Records view - Oct 2022

CMS updates: Changes to Party Records view - Oct 2022

We’d like to take the opportunity to share new changes to the VC CMS regarding managing Party records. These updates are the first step in developing the Party records functionality to support future features to improve productivity and enhance workflows for VC users, particularly with respect to future workflows for resolving duplicate Party records.

1. Parties’ records view:

The main change VC Users will notice is that the Parties’ record view has been updated with similar features to an Item record:

      Admin tab > Parties records (like the Admin tab for Item records) 

      Linked Item records tab > Lists catalogue items that link to that Party’s record 


2. Additional fields when building Party queries:  

New fields for building a query are:

      Search > Party records linked to certain item/s  

      Search > Parties that have item links  

      Search > Parties by the number of item links  

* Note these fields are also available to display as columns in the query result table.  


3. Added ability to download Parties’ records:

You can now download Parties’ records to display the items associated with each Party, with two downloadable formats to choose from:  

      [1] List of records > including the system identification number (ID) of Item records that link to each Party, or  

      [2] A table > each row containing a Parties ID and the ID of a link item


4. System ID > displayed in Item and Party summaries


5. Number of linked items is now indicated in Parties summaries in query results 'list' format, and in record views  


Queries about these new features can be answered via the VC Helpdesk.